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A guest experience software designed for boutique hotels that integrates property management, point of sale, and guest relations into a single system. From the moment a guest books a room to the moment of checkout, Pitaya delivers a frictionless experience.

laptop property mangement and ipad point of sale


guest centric hotel software

Guest Centric

By placing guests rather than rooms at the center of the platform, Pitaya enables hotels to offer a higher level of hospitality. Manage bookings, contacts, payments, and analytics in a single cloud-based system.

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Seamlessly manage all food and beverage, retail, and check in/check out activity in a fully-integrated solution. Streamline operations by eliminating confusion amongst employees, cluttered book keeping, lost revenue, and frustrating guest experiences.

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Technology is the future but not mood boards in the lobby, and not iPads in every room but technology that really makes everyone’s stay at a hotel easier and cheaper
— Ian Schrager