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The world's first hospitality software that helps your hotel staff deliver the best experience with ease.

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hotel property management and restaurant point of sale

Why use Pitaya?

Explore why Pitaya is simple and powerful

It’s Simple, It’s Easy, It’s One

Pitaya replaces 3+ pieces of software by integrating a property management system, a point of sale system, and a contact management system into a single cloud-based platform.

single platform
detailed guest profiles

Know The Guest

A centralized guest profile with their historical information from the hotel, restaurant, and store. Our platform recognizes this nuance and enables hotel management to bill and track spending of individual guests rather than just by rooms.

Easy to use

Reduce staff training and deliver a seamless guest experience from booking to check-out, enabling hotel managers to ensure that everything about each guest's stay goes perfectly.

point of sale terminal
rich guest profiles

Rich Customer Profiles

A centralized guest profile with their historical information from all departments.

sales items directly to hotel tabs

A Human Touch

Connect with the guests. Rooms don’t order food and drinks; people do.

detailed invoices

One Invoice - One Transaction

Gone are the days of collecting invoices from multiple departments or worse asking the customer to settle up at each.

detailed reporting

One Dashboard

Understand your entire business from one location, no more comparing data from different systems.

hotel booking engine

Booking Engine

Connect Pitaya to your website to begin receiving commission free bookings in minutes.

set room rates

Rate Management

Intuitively set and manage rates for the hotel.

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Revolutionary All-In-One Hotel Software

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of independent and boutique hotels, whether it's glamping, motel, luxury boutique or a youth hostel, Pitaya's innovative software delivers features specifically to meet your needs