Why we built pitaya

For Hoteliers, By Hoteliers

We believe in great hospitality. Our founder was the owner and operator of Maderas Village, a 20 room boutique hotel located in Nicaragua. Known for its surf breaks, yoga retreats, and collections of musicians, professionals, and digital nomads counted amongst the recurring guests, the Village was celebrated for providing an experience that spoke to the changing demands of travelers. As hoteliers who believe in the power of community-driven hospitality, we understand that the technology hotels choose to power their property should simplify operations while also delighting guests. After extensive research we were unable to find a hospitality management system that delivered the seamless hospitality experience expected by our staff and guests. So we built our own. We named it Pitaya after our dog, the mascot of Maderas Village who brought our community closer together.

Maderas Village Boutique Hotel

What is Hospitality Experience?

Hospitality experience, also known as Guest Experience is the next big competitive frontier for hotels, it is no longer enough to provide sophisticated designed matched with great service and atmosphere. Hoteliers now have to go above and beyond to delight guests at every step of the journey. Pitaya is designed with hospitality experience at its core and takes into account the guest’s journey before, during, and after their journey. Our hospitality technology eliminates the artificial barriers that the guest experiences as friction between the hotel, bar, restaurant, and amenities which is caused by old software. It also frees up hotel staff from having to handle transactional interactions that add little to no value for the guest and instead they are now able to deliver a higher touch experience that wasn’t possible before. This kind of seamless and personalized guest experience is in reach, not only for ultra-luxury properties and travelers but to smaller boutique properties and your everyday bleisure traveler, thanks to technology like ours. Those who adopt these new technologies can expect happier guests and deeper loyalty.

point of sale terminal

Eliminate Customer Friction

Our entire hospitality experience platform is guest centric rather than room centric so that you can build rich guest profiles that follow them through every aspect of their journey whether it be lodging, restaurant, bar, or retail operations. This allows staff to be more knowledgeable about each guest as their data is visible on Pitaya throughout all hotel departments – empowering staff to surprise and delight guests more often. The result is guests experience a seamless journey, one single itemized invoice for their entire stay across all departments, one credit card transaction, less waiting, less transactional experiences with hotel staff.

Going High Tech for High Touch

When we dream about the future of hospitality and we recognized that existing tools were not ready to address the challenges of today let alone the challenges of tomorrow. Hospitality is about people. And the current trend of hospitality innovation had been to saddle both guests and staff with more technology and more options but without connecting any of them. The result was that at the end of the people were less connected and less prepared to deliver outstanding service. Part of our goal is to get staff and guests out from behind screens, allow smart software to handle the transactions and allow people to connect.

Software for Hotel Management

Pitaya is an all-in-one cloud-based platform designed specifically with small independent and boutique hotels in mind. Property management (hotel front desk software), point of sale (restaurant/bar software) and Contact Management (guest relationship software) are all integrated so that you have one software and one hospitality technology partner instead of three or more. Our simple and easy to use software allows owners to focus on delivering a great hospitality experience to their guests while eliminating customer frictions.

point of sale terminal