Guest Experience Technologies for Hotels

Innovative hotels are using these 3 technologies to not only improve the guest experience but to reduce operational overhead at the same time.


Mobile Check-in

After a long day of travel, waiting in lines at security check points, taxi stands, and airport kiosks the last thing any guest wants to do is wait in another line at their hotel. As a hotelier you can’t choose your guests arrival time, but you don’t have to make your guests stand in a long queue if everyone’s arrivals coincide.

At a minimum your hotel should offer guests the option to check-in directly from their phone without having to interact with any staff. Especially in times of COVID-19, this is a must have amenity for any hotel.

Ensuring that your hotels software supports this feature is essential to a smooth guest experience. A mobile check-in feature will also help reduce the demand on your hotel staff for transactional interactions, freeing them up to better focus on delighting guests during their stay. 62% of guests would prefer to check-in and out through a hotel app. At the end of the day hospitality is about the guest, and providing a better way for them to navigate a hotel’s processes is a must.

Digital Door Keys

Nearly every guest has their phone on them at all times and enabling guests to utilize this as their key for the hotel is a major win for any hotelier. Open key reports that 2/3 of travelers prefer to use their smartphone as their room key.

Digital keys will also help to reduce wait times at the front desk and if utilized properly with mobile check-in, guests can often completely bypass the front desk. Guest satisfaction can drop 50% when expected to wait for as little as 5 minutes.

Mobile concierge

A mobile concierge ultimately allows the guest to interact with the hotel from their phone for all their needs, whether that is directly talking with staff member to help coordinate their day, a chat bot, or via an app that yields the same results. Mobile concierge’s help reduce the last mile of friction in the guest experience. 73% of guests would opt to download an app for a contactless experience. That means with the right hotel PMS system you would be able to deliver on a unique touch point for guests.

Innovative hotels need to stay up-to-date with the latest hotel software to ensure they are able to deliver the best guest experience possible at every turn. Digital hotel infrastructure is as important as any other hotel amenity and innovative hotels must keep investing in the right technology to stay ahead of their competition.

Pitaya is the future of hotel software

Our goal is to build the most elegant, simple, and easy to use guest experience platform on the market so that hotels can focus more on great hospitality.

These are just a few reasons why cloud-based pms systems like Pitaya are the future of the hospitality industry. Pitaya is building the future of hospitality tools to enable you to work more efficiently, with reduced over head, and in a safer manner.

Pitaya staff works directly with hoteliers to assist in the transition from one PMS system to Pitaya. In the past this used to be a daunting task but with Pitaya’s staff at your side and your modern processes in place we eliminate all of the hassle for you during the transition period.

Our philosophy here at Pitaya is that the guest experience begins the moment they reach a touch point (website, social media, etc.) and it never ends.