Guest experience is the new design

Going above and beyond to delight the guest

For years, hotels have been focusing on designing beautiful spaces to lure guests away from home and into their halls. Guests seek ever more intriguing and unique accommodations to facilitate a deeper and more transformative experience while on the road. If the lobby isn’t ready for the ‘gram and the cocktail doesn’t have an adorable edible flower garnish, nobody wants it.

However, both hotels and guests have come to realize that the perfect piece of furniture or unique wallpaper can not compensate for a ten minute queue to check out or a lengthy fumbling with the land line to ask for an extra towel or two. Clearing customs using Global Entry is easier than procuring a room key at most properties. Somehow, while hotels have become leaders in design, they are still operating on technology with about as much sophistication as Pac-Man in running their properties. Putting the consumer at the center, and creating a unique and seamless guest experience, is the next frontier of hospitality, and guests and hoteliers alike stand to benefit from technological innovation to realize it.

Traditionally, hotels must maintain staff to facilitate the basic transactions required to maintain the property - check guests in and out, provide on-demand amenities such as extra towels or linens, etc. This system creates friction for both parties and limits interactions to value add-less transactions instead of meaningful interactions. Everyone loves trying to choose whichAs technology eases these burdens, guests are freer to actually enjoy the beautiful spaces so carefully curated for them, and to engage more deeply amongst themselves and with the staff - a built in set of local ambassadors, to better understand the people and place they are visiting.

Imagine a world where you arrive late and are able to go directly to your room to drop off your luggage and freshen up, without waiting in line to check in. Fancying a night cap, you can either venture to the hotel bar, or order one directly to your room from your mobile device on your way in without having to figure out which key to dial to get to in-room dining. Those extra firm pillows you like were already placed in your room based on your pre-arrival notes. There’s a neighborhood guide embedded in the app letting you know the best cafes in the area, so you can pick a breakfast spot without scrolling through yelp reviews. All that time you’ve saved can instead be spent exploring and engaging in the destination. The General Manager or front desk staff, free from the basics, can be more proactive in engaging the guest - walking around the bar or restaurant to chat with guests, instead of sitting behind a desk printing folios.

This kind of seamless and personalized guest experience is in reach, not only for ultra-luxury properties and travelers, but to smaller boutique properties and your everyday bleisure traveler, thanks to technology like ours. Those who adopt these new technologies can expect happier guests and deeper loyalty.

Our goal is to build the most elegant, simple, and easy to use guest experience platform on the market so that hotels can focus more on great hospitality.