Meet Pitaya

Our History


We’re Pitaya. We believe in great hospitality. Our team is made up of hoteliers, digital nomads, and avid travellers.

We used to run Maderas Village, a 20 room boutique hotel nestled in the jungle of Nicaragua, just up from the beach. Through the The Village, an international community made up of young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and dreamers was born and we witnessed first-hand how powerful community-based hospitality can be.

Yet, we found consistently that technology and software that was supposed to help us to provide a better experience to our guests was letting us down, over and over. The property management system (PMS) didn’t communicate with the point of sale system (POS). Billing was tied to rooms, rather than individual guests, creating confusion at check out. And our customer relationship management (CRM)? That lived on excel. We changed providers, then we changed providers again. We couldn’t find the right solution and figured SOMEONE was going to solve this problem soon. Until then, we decided to build our own custom system to tide us over.

Our system wasn’t a CRM, or a POS, or a PMS - it was all three. One guest experience system, cloud-based, and fully integrated.

When the political unrest in Nicaragua forced us to close our doors in 2018, we found ourselves with the perfect integrated hotel software, but no hotel. We knew we were not the only hoteliers facing this problem. Mostly because every single hotel owner and operator we know often complains the times when their hospitality management system fails them and impacts their guest experience. So we finally decided to solve the problem we wished someone else had solved when we were running our hotel. And so Pitaya was born.

Pitaya is a cloud-based SaaS platform designed specifically with boutique hotels in mind. There is no hardware and no installation cost. Billing, point of sale, and bookings & reservations are all integrated so that you pay for one system instead of two or more. The CRM functionality allows you to easily record and track specific information about guest profiles alongside the booking. And the entire platform is guest centric rather than room centric so that you can build rich guest profiles that follow them through every aspect of their stay whether it be lodging, restaurant, bar, or retail operations. This allows staff to be more knowledge about each guest as their data is visible on the Pitaya Platform throughout all hotel departments – empowering staff to surprise and delight guests more often.

Our goal is to build the most elegant, simple, and easy to use guest experience platform on the market so that hotels can focus more on great hospitality.